We approach a project from an Owner's point of view as if we are an extension of our client and that particular
    organization as each client has a different perspective and outlook of their vested interest. It is important to us to know
    our clients and their needs. Therefore, we clearly listen and understand their goals and objectives on each project fully
    recognizing that the interest of the client comes first.

    Utilizing the (CCU) Cooperation - Collaboration and Urgency approach, we work with the client partner and the
    various consultants as a team in order to facilitate a much-improved level of continuity from preconstruction through
    the construction phase. This team approach ensures open lines of communication and consistency on all phases of a
    project so that the project team can make the difficult decisions to meet deadlines while staying within budget and
    always allows us to make decisions that are in your best interest.  

    Implementing the latest technology and leading edge systems along with a strong old school hands on management
    style our unique business model allows our project teams to better service our clients by focusing their specialized
    expertise in various market sectors.  CCG prides itself with going above and beyond for our clients by providing
    unparalleled consistent service with a can do attitude and a high level of energy and urgency. We attack issues and
    conditions on our projects with our Proactive Problem Solutions (PPS) program that gets quick results.

    We know that making the right decisions in the early stages of a project is critical to constructing quality projects and
    exceeding client expectations which is why CCG puts such an emphasis on planning, preconstruction and purchasing.
    Commonly referred to as the Triple-P Process in our company in that we firmly believe that proper planning of a
    project prevents poor performance and the more time and expertise put in upfront will provide a better result in the end.
    By continually estimating, analyzing and assessing the constructibility of different design scenarios, we can keep a
    project on track and enable us to focus on finding the best solutions for the most cost effective and efficient project.


Cooperation, Collaboration and

Fast Efficient Responses with Solid

Operate with a Sense of Purpose

Team Partner

Proactive Problem Solutions

Reactive Avoidance No Surprises

Quick Responses Fast Answers
TRIPLE P Process