Our coordinated and reliable preconstruction services set the tone for a successful project from day one by
    establishing open communications and fostering a team environment with partners and clients. Throughout the
    preconstruction and design development process, our project team utilizes their experience, historical data and our
    streamlined computerized estimating and reporting systems to make informed decisions while sharing critical information
    with clients in a collaborative environment. Our teams are dedicated to working closely with all parties throughout the
    design phase of a project and we are committed to hiring and closely managing the industry’s best subcontractors
    vendors, designers and consultants who we have developed strong, long-term relationships with over the years so our
    clients gets the most value for their money.

    We provide effective building, planning and cost analysis solutions based on creativity and an in-depth understanding
    of the project goals and requirements, combined with a rigorous analysis of processes and materials. CCG does not
    simply look for opportunities to delete scope during the value engineering process as we have the knowledge, skills
    and creativity to develop alternative means, methods and materials to accomplish tasks in the most cost effective
    manner. This action plan also translates to the building permitting process, which commonly becomes a critical path
    item, as we understand that the success of a project hinges on proactive communication with the various agencies
    that must be initiated in the early stages.

    CCG provides a full service Preconstruction Department to continually meet our client's demanding planning and
    development needs on each project which enhances the client's' early decision-making process, budget development
    and feasibility study needs. Our Preconstruction team will work with the entire project management team to ensure
    success. We will develop and review all our decisions relating to project design, costs, and constructibility. Software
    tools that allow us to quickly update, compare, and revise all levels of estimates are key to our quick turnaround time
    and sharing of estimate information.  Our staffs' experience, their dedicated function, and use of the latest analytical
    tools enables CCG to provide superior Preconstruction Services.  Our services have proven to be invaluable for each
    of these projects with regards to logistics, value engineering, scheduling, constructibility or a variety of other reasons.

The Preconstruction Department Performs the Following Services:

    These valuable tools are often otherwise unavailable to owners or may be overlooked in the rush to develop project
    funding and preliminary design. While we offer these services independently for a fee, we routinely incorporate them in
    our Construction Management agreements, making for greater value and a higher level of planning which serves our
    clients well.
  • Feasibility analysis
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Project Planning-Phased Turn Over
  • Contractor Prequalifications &
  • Project Bidding Review Award
  • Implement Information and Reporting
  • Industry variance report comparisons
  • Budget development throughout
  • Value engineering alternatives to
    meet budget and scheduled goals
  • Conceptual and detail estimating
  • Cash Flow Projections & Schedule of
  • RFP Solicitation Consultants &
  • Bid document Review and Preparation
  • Develop Design Standards and
  • Trade Site Logistics Plan and
  • Historical Cost Data Analysis
  • Project Proposals Solicitation &
  • Optional materials & methods to meet
    budget and schedule goals