From limited service to upscale hotels this is a core market sector and specialization of CCG. Having been involved in
    over Half a Billion dollars in the hospitality market in the form of new hotels and renovations for all the major franchise
    brands that has generated over 10,000 rooms being put onto the market for the Hotel industry. Many of our staff have
    previously held Senior level positions with some of the largest hospitality companies in the Nation.

    This provides us a distinctive edge as we analyze the project from both an Ownership perspective and constructibility
    view point. We take on all the challenges from the onset with the design review to PIP comparison and brand standards,
    FFE & OSE purchasing, logistics coordination and delivery, CPM Scheduling, project management, O&M manuals and
    close out.

    Whether putting up a new hotel, renovating rooms or upgrading the common areas in an occupied hotel we understand
    the full scope of work and the impact it may have on your guest's experience as well as the impact on your ROI, interest
    carry costs, occupancy and revenue from room displacement. We institute industry recognized best practices for the
    duration of our projects in order to produce a quality project that meets all the expectations of the franchise brand, the
    guest and you the owner-client.

Key Industry Factors
  • Permits and Approvals
  • Design Development Management
  • Existing Conditions Report
  • Brand standard negotiations
  • PIP Waiver Request and Approvals
  • Conversion Requirements
  • Project Planning-Phased Turn Over
  • Value Engineering
  • Logistics Management
  • constructibility Review
  • PIP Review and Implementation
  • Franchise & Brand Design Approvals
  • Lease and Franchise Agreement
  • Cash Flow Projections & Schedule of Values
  • RFP Solicitation Consultants & Contractors
  • Project Area and Components Budgets