As a long standing active member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, CCG Founder Brian M. Byrnes has
    always had a fondness for Historic Preservation  projects dating back to his early years working on historic school
    projects for the New York City Board of Education and the NYC General Services Municipal building facade restoration
    which at the time cost $55M, making it one of the largest restoration projects in the country.  

    Other notable projects of involvement incorporate National Registered Landmark buildings such as Constitution Hall in
    Washington DC, GWU Presidents House on 20th Street, St. Mary’s Church, Bentley Carriage House, 1307 New York
    Avenue and the Anchor Building facade in Providence. CCG truly understands the need to balance the historic and
    aesthetic demands of restoration, the longevity of the structure and the effective use for today’s society.

    Attention to detail, duplication of historic materials and processes, finding authentic replacement parts and duplicating
    historic mortars along with quality craftsmanship are just a few of the necessary skills for quality restoration.  We are
    dedicated to high quality, long-lasting, and historically accurate construction.

    Our goal is to merge historic materials with the latest technology to preserve the character of the historic properties.
    From an exterior facade restoration to a full gut rehabilitation project we have the experience to handle all your needs.
    We have a deep commitment to renovating landmarks and preserving their original beauty.                    
Built In-1872
Built In-1908
GWU Law School Restoration
Weybosset Restoration