The complexities of real estate development can be daunting. There are countless ways to approach the initiation,
    management and completion of each project. But not every company has the resources or the talent to deliver the best
    possible plan. We provide the expertise, the tools, and the experience to perform and manage the development, design
    and construction process from start to finish–providing seamless service to you throughout your entire project. Vertical
    integration enables us to gain greater control over the entire process including project timing, costs, quality and
    accountability. Whether the need is for speculative development, build to suit, design-build services, general contracting
    program management or construction management services, CCG has the tools and the talent to deliver projects
    beyond expectations. The same elements that go into building a successful business are also critical to constructing
    quality facilities. Whether the need is for innovative Corporate Headquarters, Hotels, Multi-Family, Distribution Centers,  
    Office Buildings or Retail Centers, we deliver the expertise you need to get the job done right. We combine, coordinate
    and mesh the master planners, architects, engineers, site analysis experts, cost estimators, and construction experts
    into one team, with one single agenda, to get your project built as quickly, designed efficiently, and most economically
    as possible to your complete satisfaction. The early alignment of team members encourages an open exchange that
    questions, challenges and explores the best available options. Additionally, having a single point of contact on your
    project–throughout your project–maximizes your control over the process by streamlining responsibilities and
    accountability. CCG, with in house expertise and credentials to perform and manage the development, design and
    construction has the capabilities to conceive, plan, guide  and construct a development efficiently and cost effectively
    from start to finish – We provides seamless service to you throughout your entire process. CCG has the tools and the
    talent to deliver projects beyond expectations.
Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Study
  • Systems analysis
  • Life cycle studies
  • Physical Plant Assessments
  • Environmental Compliance Review
  • Acquisition & Conversation Budgets
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Schedule of Values
  • Site Analysis/Building Location
  • Existing Conditions Report
  • Subsurface and Environmental
Development Management
  • Project Evaluation
  • Establish Client Goals & Objectives
  • Define Program Use and Space
  • Permits-Approvals
  • Entitlements-Zoning Approvals
  • Logistics Management
  • Design Development Management
  • Constructibility Review
  • Local & National Market Analysis
  • Efficiency of Product Standardization
  • Master Schedule Development
  • New & Improved Building Materials
    & Systems
  • CPM Scheduling and Updates
  • RFP Consultants Solicitation
  • Project Planning-Phase Turn Over
  • Develop Design Standards and
Cost Analysis-open Book
  • Estimating  Quantity Take Offs
  • Establish Project Budget
  • FF&E & OS&E Budgets
  • Industry Cost Comparison
  • MEP & Life Safety Cost Analysis
  • Capital Expenditure Program
  • Value Engineering
  • Component and Area Costs
  • Risk Analysis
  • Budget Updates & Variance Reports